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*Many of the resources in this category were provided by Professor Bernice Speer, Austin Community College

Adaptation, Behavior “Amazing! Bird Sounds of the Lyre Bird” youtube

Adaptation, Behavior “Wild Crows in Japan” youtube

Adaptation “Nova Frozen Frogs” youtube

Adaptation/Protection “Silk Tents of the Web Spinner Insect” youtube

Animal Diversity Web – website, information on animals along with taxonomic info

Animal Facts, Softschools Animal Page

Animal Research, National Geographic Kids Animal Page

Camouflage, frog “Do you see the frog?” photo on website

Camoulflage, gecko “Do you see the gecko?” photo on website

Camoulage, octopus courtesy

Camouflage, spider “Do you see the spider?” photo on website

Classification, Domains website

Fossils – “How a Dinosaur Becomes a Fossil” animation

Fungus – “How Stonewashed Jeans are Made” article – info in fourth paragraph

Fungus “Fungi Necessary for a Merry Christmas” article

Phytoplankton – “Importance of Phytoplankton” article


Earth Science

Solar System “The Solar System – Space School” Discovery TV youtube

Solar System, Sun “Space School – The Sun” Discovery TV youtube


Metric System Introduction youtube

How Wolves Change Rivers (video by Sustainable Man)


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