Mini-Teach Media

Conjunctions in Compound Sentences

Rube Goldberg Machine to demonstrate Cause and Effect


“Titanium” by David Guetta, writing prompt

Language Arts Two Bad Ants PowerPoint by Mandie Funk


Phonics Dance Hunks and Chunks

Perimeter Song by toto.australis

Mean, Median, Mode Toads

Year 3000 Writing Prompt

Studying solar system: Where might space exploration be at this time?   Write using “Show, Don’t Tell” including information gained in your research

Studying ecosystems: What changes might occur due to human interaction, either positive or negative?  Write a letter to your great-great-granddaughter (in song).

From Cotton Field

How it’s Made: Cotton Yarn

The Lorax E-book

Phonics Dance Movements

Constitution Day


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