Student Teaching

As I enter into my final weeks, I think about what I’ve learned. There’s a balance between supporting those who need to revisit concepts, while moving forward for those who are ready. Daily 5 and math stations work well for this. These periods allow small group visits to enhance or reteach. I am in an inclusion class so differentiation often looks like open ended activity with heterogeneous grouping. Specific accommodations are used as well such as scaffolding with visuals. Pairs and groups continuously change, even with choice by the students. A challenge is moving into the next unit when I’d like to dig deeper so I add challenge through comparison/contrast, using deeper questions (how, why), and open assignments. In the next unit, the students will compare fables, then create a unique fable to share a valuable lesson with the first graders.

Kappa Delta Pi Convocation
Recently, I attended a Kappa Delta Pi Convocation. My greatest inspiration came from Dr. Jeff Goldstein, an astrophysicist.

He is passionate about self generated inquiry and education. We have similar values, yet he expresses his thoughts so beautifully. Some of my favorite quotes from him are:

“We are born curious and we are born universe based learners.”
“It is the students’ classroom and the teacher lights the way.”
“A core goal should be joyful learning which leads to joyful employment, but make data driven decisions.”
“A core goal should be critical thinking on demand.”

Incredible, right? A lot of it, I’ve mentioned in my philosophy, past reflections, and class papers. However, it’s always great to see our views validated, with a fresh outlook to reinvigorate our purpose.