Transition Music

Many of these ideas come from
The last video is actually a playlist of 15 songs. Click on the menu (3 bars) in the upper left corner of the video. I am including a link to save space at the beginning for 3 youtube playlists. I received several ideas for my positive music from Brent Vasicek.

Happy Positive Music

Transition Music – songs added beyond video list at bottom of this page

Brainbreak Videos

Mandisa “Good Morning” 3:25

Magic School Bus Instrumental  1:02

Dancing Pandas 1:51

Pink Panther Theme Song  1:57

Uni the Hedgehog  1:52

Rare, Soothing, Relaxing Classical Piano 2:39

The Lunch Song CBeebies  1:35

Calm Celtic Music  2:23

Taiko – Traditional Japanese Music  1:57

Xanadu: Chinese flute music  2:51

Mariachi Internacional La Bamba 2:37

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