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The big picture

In December 2013, I graduated Texas State University – Round Rock, fulfilling a lifelong dream.  Yay!  I’m thrilled to work in the classroom with students.  You could almost say it has become an obsession: Home Depot, Dollar Tree, or a movie – any environment can produce spontaneous inspiration for use within my classroom.  Afterwards, I run home to implement my idea.  This blog is not intended to accrue followers though I’m open to comments.  It’s simply a place of reflection, a continuation of old habits of journaling from my childhood.  My goal is to grow in my profession while practicing technical skills.  It is important to note – specific children, colleagues, or schools will not be mentioned.

Passion for kids

All children and all subjects are incredible.  Children are so honest.  Typically you know exactly how they are feeling if you pay attention.  Each year I am touched by my relationships with the kids.  In a way, they become my own. I support them, cheer them, worry about them. I believe children are very capable – engage their interest and learning becomes a natural process.  Work is still required, but that’s an important lesson within life itself.


Outside of work and family (Is there time left?), I read when I can steal a few minutes.  In the summer, I choose one or two educational books, along with the rest of my TBR books, plus look for new professional development opportunities. (You did notice the earlier comment about obsession, right?)  Reading and writing is my passion, which shows in my classroom. New books are brought into my life and the lives of my children, both at home and school, routinely.

Because I love to talk shop, truly I do, I’ve presented “Tech Tools for the Teacher” and “Project Based Learning” at Texas State, plus served as co-president of Kappa Delta Pi. Favorite workshops are: Leveled Literacy Instruction, Reading Workshop, Balanced Literacy, Math Rocks, and Kathy Richardson Developing Number Sense.   This year I’d like to continue the goal of bringing “curiosity” into my classroom, a challenge to focus on one word from the Math Rocks program.  I think I’ll try a variety of development such as games, technology, and higher order questioning.

But there’s balance too.  I enjoy making jewelry, baking, reading, walking, watching live entertainment, and traveling. I consider myself an eternal novice concerning crafts because I dabble.  Right now I’m into cooking, exploring healthier recipes to bring more vegetables into our home.  Our youngest loves to bake so it’s a constant struggle between choosing something healthy or the goodies that taste so delicious.  Broccoli tastes yummy, right?  The three activities that remain a constant part of my life are traveling, walking, and reading – all more enjoyable with family.  Often one of my daughters will be my reading buddy for the evening.  We’ll read a little, stop to share an interesting part, or start talking about other things.  Usually it ends with more giggling than reading.  What do I read?  Youth fiction, mysteries, romance, historical fiction, and nonfiction.  My favorite live entertainment to date: Bowfire, Shaolin Warriors, and Wicked Broadway Austin.  During traveling, we’ve discovered the joy of kayaking.  This may become a new hobby, though I’m not sure about paddling through rushing waters – the idea is to stay in the teeny boat.  My husband even bought 3 kayaks as we begin a new adventure in New Braunfels.  We have 4 daughters and 3 dogs; they keep us busy and we love every minute of it. Enjoy my site.  I’m off to learn and explore what life has to offer!

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