Interactive Charts

Going through all of my anchor charts, posters, and large items from my old drawers, I’ve needed to reflect on what has worked well and what needs tweaking.  Much of what I own, I’ve decided to take a photograph, then recreate it once I need it in my new classroom.  However, some are gems that will move with me.  One of my favorites is an interactive Story Map, which I downloaded FOR FREE from Create Teach Share.  Pinterest and Teacherspayteachers are brilliant sites, which take up too much of my time.  Because we have many ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers, I added visuals to my poster.  This chart was used throughout the year as students and I discussed story elements.  It was also used if a student needed some movement towards the end of independent reading or as a lesson extension for an early finisher.  I have to confess to being a post-it snob; I only like the bright colored ones because the adhesive is so much better.  The pale yellow post-its always fall off; I save these for students to record their thinking when reading or for bookmarks.  As for the charts, I have a book called Smarter Charts K-2 by Marjorie Martinelli that I hope to browse through this summer while the teenagers sleep in the mornings.  I included a picture of my Summarize Interactive Chart that I recreated from a pin I found – another favorite.



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